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Itís my life
And I have always done exactly what I wanted
What else can a dog do

Itís not right
To take advantage of somebody who trusts you
Pendejo, yeah Iím talking to you

Itís not every day
You meet somebody who believes in you
Stands by you
Without making demands on you

Just let me live
I just want to believe
Just let me do my thang
Come and get me


You cannot break me down
Say it again
You cannot break me down
Please believe me
Time is running out
Say it again
Your time is running out
Please believe
Ask not for whom the bell tolls
All your walls are closing in
Please believe
This house of flesh and blood has fallen

Itís my life
And Iím a wild out
Until I bow out
Yes, Iím in this game
Until I foul out

Itís not right
You always worried about what everybodyís thinking
You worried they might figure you out

Itís not every day
You go to work
Go to sleep
Get paid
In between
Get lifted
Get laid
Just let me liveÖ


(Push it all away)

(Who the fuck are you?)

Move onÖ


Itís my lifeÖ

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