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Crazy Life

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Up in the middle of Tokyo
I hit hydro
Whenever I let my mind go
It’s like psycho – suicidal
Baby love it when I cut it like an animal
Once again – it’s primetime – kamikaze
That policeman tried to rob me
That policeman is afraid of me
But, he will never take away my dignity

Someone take this glass away
I’m not myself again
I’m someone else again


Come on, here we go….
Shalala – here it comes again!
Shalala – here it comes again!
Shalala – here it comes again!
What a crazy life!
Here we go
Shalala – here it comes again!
Shalala – here it comes again!
Shalala – here it comes again!
What a crazy life!

Up in the middle of Cali
In an alley
Makin’ love to the teenage lady
Ya can’t fade me
But don’t hate me
She look just like Marsha Brady
I kinda laugh when these girls try to play with me
I told my ex-girlfriend, stay away from me
I got a new girlfriend, and she’ll kick your ass
I kinda wonder how long this kind of shit can last

Someone take this glass away…


Just bring it….

Up in the middle of yo face
What a disgrace
You a trik-ass-bitch
How my dick taste – motherfucker
No, aint nobody feelin’ you
And I aint goin’ back to prison over killin’ you

I’m the type o’ nigga that’s built to last
You can fuck my bitch
I put my foot in your ass
Still, I don’t givafuk
I just keep fuckin’ and smokin’
I’m bruised not broken



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