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Give Up The Grudge

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Don't make me listen to the stupid broken record again
The needle's skippin' and repeatin' never reaching the end
You know you're bitching and complaining like you've got it so tough
We're sick of all your whining will you ever shut up?

So keep bleeding your fake blood 'till no one ever sees it
If that's the best you can make up at least act like you mean it

Give up the grudge
[Clean:] Better shut your mouth
[Explicit:] Shut your fucking mouth
why you gotta judge everybody but yourself
Take a look around you
There ain't nobody home
I may be a loser
But at least I'm not alone

Your mercedes won't start
Yeah that's a crying shame
I guess 90K a year buys nothing but complaints
The people in my neighborhood think that I'm a threat
While the boss gets richer they get deeper in debt!

So keep bleeding your fake blood 'till no one even sees it
If that's the best you can make up at least act like you mean it

[Repeat Chorus 6X]

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