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I'll Do Anything


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Baby I got many problems
But my momma won't help me solve them
So I come to you (you)
But your ass don't wanna be bother
So I come around trying to be down
But you acting like a silly clown
Asking me for $50..
Saying to myself "I Be Damned!"

Why you trying to give me such a
Very very hard time
When I spend the money on you
I Can't get a little Bump 'n Grind
It must be another man
Holding your hand (hand)
Please tell me baby (baby)
I will understand

I'm tryin to go on with out you here
In my life
I don't wanna except the fact the you're
No longer mine
Just to know that somebody else is
Holding and Kissing you
It makes a guy like me feel like
I'm a fool

I'll do Anything
Anything you want
Yes my word is bond
Baby I was wrong
Please forgive me
For what I've Done
I'm Sorry

(all the things I did, I'm sorry, yes I am)

I'll do Anything
Anything you want
Yes my word is bond (mm hm)
Baby I was wrong
Please forgive me (yes)
For what I've Done
I'm Sorry

[2nd Verse:]
I'm trying to take over these emotions
everyday (day)
I realize it's to late now
you're gone away
Is there something that I can do
to reasure
That I won't hurt you like this

(Please forgive me)
(Baby what do I have to do)
(I'm begging you on bended knee)

I'll Do Anything (I'll so anything)
That's my Word is Bond (and that's my word is bond)
Please forgive me (Can't you tell)
I'm sorry (Can't you tell by the look in my eye)

I'll Do Anything
That's my Word is Bond
Please forgive me (Please, Please forgive G')
I'm sorry (everything I've done...I'm sorry baby)

[Chorus 2x]

[fade out....]

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