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Ginuwine 4 UR Mind

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I'm gonna make it happen
Ginuwine 4 Ur Mind [x3]
I'm gonna make it happen
Ginuwine one time

I wanted to tell you how I feel
So you can know the real deal
I want me a lady
So I can carry on cuz my love is strong
Run deeper than the water's deep
Tell me baby can you get with me
I'm lookin' for someone whose down
to have my back and always stay around

(It's Ginuwine 4 Ur Mind)
(Can you feel me)
(I'm gonna make it happen every time)

Come with me coz I'm scoping you
Only I can do the things I do
Fill you up until you say when
I'll take you round the world
And we'll go back again
I'm feelin' big cuz I've got much to give
I satisfy cuz that's the way I live
You're dealin with a real man
And only things can do the things I can

(Ginuwine 4 Ur Mind)

Give me just 1 chance
I'll fulfill your needs
I'm just a real 'G'
Can you get with me

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