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Mmm hmmmmmm... yo whats up this is Ginuwine and I wanna tell you, it aint no time for excuses with your woman, you be right or you be out, you
heard, now do it right check this out this is my story.

There's a time that comes in a man's life,
when he's real, want it all and his mind is right, (yea)
it could come at any time morning noon and night,
you will know nothing more no more time to fight, (ooh)
he might lie and I know cuz I've done the same, (same)
you know I'm right there with ya dogg but she wont play the game,
she will be done packed your bags, sit em over there right outside your door,
cuz she's tired of the lying my nigga and she aint checking no more... (oh no she aint)

Excuses, (everybody has one)
Excuses, (she don't wanna hear them no more)
Excuses, (she said take that shit on elsewhere)
Excuses, (she don't wanna hear no, excuses she don't)
Excuses, (she aint got time for them)
Excuses, (so don't fill her mind with them, no)
Excuses, (she said take that shit on elsewhere)
Excuses, (she don't wanna hear no, excuses she don't)

Take her out, hold her hand, let her know you'll die for her,
cuz that's your lady, yes that's your baby,
she's a seed, feed her well watch her blossom out,
and only the real playas out there can dig what I'm talkin bout, be that man, be that one, do that thing she loves,
pay attention, should I mention how it all once was,
broke your neck just to get her don't you pull back now, (now) cuz sooner or later she'll be gone what you askin now?


Don't fake no funk tell her now,
make your choice right now, tell her where you stand,
you're no boy or little kid you're grown,
stand and be a man, Leave the frontin',
all that shit you talkin bout, like you aint heard the phone,
she's up on it dogg, she's up on it dogg,
and all that fake shit like your beeper was off,
she's up on it dogg, she's up on it dogg.

[Chorus - Repeat till fade]

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