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Mi Chico Latino


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Donde esta el hombre
con fuego en la sangre

Ive got a secret.I cannot keep it
Its just a wisper of a distant memory
Just a dream or so it seams
Take me back to the place id rather be

You left a fire in my eyes
That lightens up the darkest skies
Im giving up im letting go
I'll find my way so

Take me back to my sweet lavida
Find my love my dolce vita
Show me where i need to go
Donde esta mi chico latino
La la la la
La la la

Stolen moments time has broken
My eyes ares open to this life-long mistery
And so i'll go with what i know
Take my chances and run with destiny

Now there's fire in my eyes
I'll break away and say goodbye
Im free to be im letting go
I'll find my way so

[Repeat chorus]

Que sueno, dolce y pequeno
Yo no se yo no se
Pero no es un cuento
Mi corazon con tormento
Chico latino te quiero y simplemente deseo
Yo lo se el camino
Es un sueno latino

[Repeat chorus]

(Take me back to my sweet lavida)
Take me back
Find my find my find mylove my dolce vita
Show me where i need to go
Donde esta mi chico latino

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