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Soldier Through This

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You work to hard
So when you come home
You tell me you are tired
And you don't want to talk about it
You envy my drive
And how I am motivated

You go down to the park
Check out the carnival for a while
And try to forget all about it
I'm out of control
And you don't appreciate it

Believe it, I need it
I feel intoxicated
I love it, I want it
Don't make me leave you for it

You say I have changed
Self-centred and vain
And you don't respect me for it
The world is the same
So I play the game
And you've grown to hate me for it

So waery and raged
There's no-one to blame
But still you resent me for it
I call all the shots
I hold all the cards
And you feel imasculinated


Believe it, I need this
I feel intoxicated
I love it, I want it
Don't make me leave you for it
[repeat bridge]

How do we reconcile this [4x]
I'm able to soldier through this [4x]

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