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Won't Back Down


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YEAH!!! [x2]

I know what darkness means
(and the void you learned from me)
The isolation steams
(So I think it wants to bleed)
The echoes in my brain
(All the things you said to me)
You took my everything
Now I'm coming for you!

I won't back down
I will not bow
I've come to bring you hell
I canít forget
Things you did
I've come to bring you hell

The shadows that you see
(In the places that you sleep)
Are memories of me
(Better pray your soul to keep)
The truth behind your eyes
(You know the thing you never see)
Your darkest little lies
I'm coming for you!


All the scars that never heal
All the wounds that will not seal
I will not forget the day
These memories never fall


I've come to bring you hell
(I've come to bring you hell) [x4]

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