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Now that we're a family
I can feel it from all sides
We live to do or die we're all the same
There's nothing you can't tell us
and every single time
you step you're gonna have a price to pay
now that we've gone this far
I'm told I've gone too far
That's not true
Before I go away
I guess I'll throw away
The time I had spent with you
Don't you come around me
It's like planning suicide
And once it starts it'll never be the same
I guess it's severed ties now
No more hanging for the ride
All the shit I went through when we parted ways
You won't forget about me
Cause I'm someone you can't deny
Forget about, don't think about
I'm just so sorry it's true
You won't forget about me
Cause I'm someone you can't deny
Forget about, don't think about
With all your prejudice ways
Try not to make a sound now
Try not to be afraid
This totally fuckin hurts me does it you?
I've been running down this alley
Seems like a million fucking time
Will I ever find my way out of this maze?
You're just like all the rest!

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