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The Other Side

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I'm the one you're waiting for
Yes I'm the one; yes I'm the one
Who decides when times aren't right?
Who's left out well I', left out
Don't try
Just leave it
It's all bitter change
Can't we stay the same and
Give it all back to fall
Setting the course for an ever after
Standing tall be my all
Setting the course for an ever after
I want to be
I'll never walk alone
When time is on my side
What comes around goes around
In time, in time
She's the only time spent right
Let's talk it out
We'll talk it out
Cause I'm the one you're waiting for
Yes I'm the one yes I'm the one
I don't believe it's right
And all the answers will
Never keep me warm at night
When I am by myself
Back on the run
Enraged with the other side
Deliver us all
>From dreams that I want to hide
Back on the run
It's safe just to be alive
Consider the one that's left
On the otherside
Everything else that grabs
When you're under
I'll always win alone let alone

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