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Check Ya

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Once I told you about my secrets
I say I trust you but that don't seem right
Harsh decisions is what has made us
Grow ever slowly towards other sides
Forget about the time
It's up to me
You left me now it's over
I'm over again
You think about the time
It's meant to be
You think about it
You might try and you might wait
and you might erase me cold as ice
and you might care
and you might imagine my decision to stay
but it's over this time glad it's mine
What controls you to that behavior?
is resolution to tough to fit?
Now it's over we've made decisions
my own conclusion I let it sit there
Cause with a bomb
I'll check ya
and the wick is sensi
Don't you stand to close y'all?
with a bomb I'll wreck ya
and the b-side's scary
don't you pass this way now
cause when the band starts creepin'
and the fans start seein'
what has taken so long
it's a bomb that checks ya
and the wic is sensi

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