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Get Up Again

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Here we go again

A very temperamental process, beginning with
all of our excess
Affecting our very own ingest, this side of
you is speechless
Overwhelmed with an abscess, creating new diseases
And infecting whomever it pleases, we've been
living this way for too long, too long

Then I noticed a difference, in the way that I
saw other insects
Who were living a life of indulgence, sheltered
by their parents
Such an unlucky existence, not given a
chance to experience
And make their own decisions, I wouldn't trade
my own mistakes at all

Reach out your hands
Out for the ones who, aid when the going gets rough
Until the end.
These are the ones who, help when the times get tough
And times will get tough.
Get up again.
Times will get tough.
Get up again

Here it comes once again


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