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Hey Shawty


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Hey hey, hey hey, hey shawty
Hey hey, hey hey hey, hey shawty
Hey hey, hey hey hey, hey shawty
Hey hey, hey hey hey, hey shawty

Swisher in my ear when I'm rollin up
I see this beautiful whore, she finer than a mutha' fu'
Got ya hair and ya nails did, got the little kid with the cashews
With an attitude that you could never lose
I know you think I'm paid because I'm lookin at ya car
Just call me Old E 'cause baby you the star
I see you lookin at me lookin at you
That voodoo that you do got me gone so I sing a song (hey shawty)
For times I'm alone with the number of your phone
You givin me the eye so I know it's really real on
First let me tell you 'bout my baby mama at home
And as you'll find out, it's time to time out
You in the same situation, the love probation got you fiendin for some dick
You ain't slick
But you got your hair right, plus you look and smell good and it read right

Hey shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty
Fiendin for some pussy 'cause I need me a shawty
Shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty
I can be your nigga but you can be my shawty
Shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty
Fiendin for some pussy 'cause I need me a shawty
Shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty
I can be your nigga but you can be my shawty

I been all over the world look for a fine girl I could trust
Lookin me up and make a nigga better
'? you up and know I got you lovin to fuck
I can't wait 'til I get home
Lay down, is you feelin me now, let me hold ya boo
Take a picture with ya, let me get close to you
I'm a give it to you like a nigga 'posed to do
You overdue, I'm a hit you like you told me to
Slow ya roll 'cause I'm a make you love me slow
Before you go, don't even wanna open the door
I'm in you again, we smokin, eyes rollin again
We in the bed, got ya legs up, pumpin again
Please ya good, ya need, I'm a feed you good
Feed you good, my girl don't need no nigga
Rubbin ya down, I'm so in love with your mind
And it's the first time, so let me tell girl I'm lookin for

[Chorus 1/2x]

I's at the club, kickin it and watch them hoes shake
Puffin on weed, guzzlin gin and O.J.
I was fucked up, itchin to bust a fast nut
Lovin nothin but sluts who back that ass up
Then I met you, me sweat who, sweat you?
If I did it was to caress and undress you
You was off the chain with the eyes, nice smile, fat butt, big breasts too
I had to stress you
To see if you was gonna let me hit it and run
Whip it and quit it, because you made it quicker to come
But you told me, slowly, no, no
Plus you'll never ask me for no dough
Now I mention the '?, me and you been livin it up
Things done changed, but now you been givin it up
I'm deep in ya guts, havin women and squeezin ya butt
'? status wit the position to chill


You say you need a nigga that could take you to your destiny, ecstasy
I can take you there
Right hand up in ya cock, left hand strokin through yo' micro-braided hair
I'm a make you come
Tantilizing erotic pleasure for both of us, let me ease your pain
Come and let me heat your flame, relax as I ease your strain as I beat your thing
Not the one to eat your thing
I leave that to your lucious, lunchbox, cocksucker for free
But if you keep it on the low-low, I'm a hurt if you don't know
You can keep the cock in it for me
Shit, if you don't give a damn if we, I'm a bring the whole family
'? the house of Girbauds
Eighteen, '?, Giaminar (?)
Run a train, make the pussy pop afar, bring it on


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