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Forget About Tomorrow

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Calling, distorting
Reach the ends for you
Burn a hole right through

Talking, we keep talking
Filling empty space
In this lonley frame
As the image fades in to one

Today it all feels fine
A sense of freedom fills your mind
Can't think about tomorrow
Just breathe the air inside
And bring on back that lonely smile
Can't think about tomorrow

Twisting, constricted
On the edge for you
You know Id jump right through

Falling, we keep stalling
I can see the ground
Someplace new to land
As the image fades into one


Because you, feel yourself
Fall apart again
You hold your face inside your aching hands
The angels tears come flooding down again
Bring us back again

Yearning, returning
To this empty street
As the city sleeps

Tearing, despairing
As the day comes in
As the morning sings
As the image fades into one


Today it all feels fine
A sense of freedom fills your mind
Can't think about tomorrow [x2]

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