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Your conniving words
Are childishly insane
To get what you want
You'll say anything
In your mind
You lust to control me
You lust
For control

Mold me, fold me
Mold me, fold me

My pain is your pleasure
My agony excites you
Desperate for a change
But change comes within
I'm not staying
Not around you
I'm stronger than you think
Much stronger than you

[Repeat Chorus]

Molding and folding
Lusting for control [X3]

Longing to control
Those without esteem
Ignorant pawns
Of your pathetic dreams

Dying to control
Those without esteem
Ignorant pawns
Of your pathetic dreams

Molding and folding
Lusting for control

Hatred is a tool
Thoughtlessly you use
Ruin an only friend
With misleading rules
Contain your own rage
Give yourself praise
'Cause you have no shame
With your callous game

[Repeat Chorus]

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