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(D'Aodh Agus Do Mh're U'Dh'ain)
'st le mo chro?
Go br'ach a cho'h
T'm'cailte gan t?'s do bhean cheile.
An gr'm? i do shaoil
B''liomsa i gcon?
L?'s o'h.


Ag caoineadh ar an uaigneas m?
Na deora, go br'ach
Na gcodladh ins an uaigh ghlas chi'n
Faoi shuaimhneas, go domhain

Aoibhneas a bh'Ach d'imigh sin
S'lean t'Do fhear ch'le.

Smaointe, ar an l'Raibh sibh ar mo thaobh
Ag 'se sc'l
Ar an d'gh a bh'Is cuimhin liom an l'Gan gha'sgan ghruaim
B''liomsa i gcona'L?'s o'h.

(To my maternal grandparents)
Literally: "For Hugh and Mary Duggan"

Listen to my heart,
Forever sad
I'm lost without you
and your wife.
*The Great Love in your life
Will guide me.
Be (plural) with me always
Day and night. **


Weeping in great loneliness
The tears, sorrowfully
Asleep in the quiet green grave
In a deep peace.

There was blissfulness
But that is gone
You followed
Your husband.

[Repeat * -> ** and Chorus]

Thoughts of the day.
You were (both) at my side
Telling tales
Of how things were.
I remember the day
Without sting and without gloom
Be (plural) with me always
Day and night. )

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