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When i moan, when you're gone, i come
I wanna jump when you wanna jump
I wanna touch, where it makes you mine
I wanna push 'til i get it right

Cos i'm free, free to do the dirty things you like
I'm free, free , not to do what's on my mind
When you go down and freak on me
That's when i'm free, that's when i'm free

I wanna fall, so you can pick me up
I wanna scream until it hurts
When you think that i can't come up
I'm gonna lay down and show you what's right

[Repeat chorus]

I know what you're thinking, that you can't be mine
You're knackered, you wanna come, and you can't lie
Let me read your mind, so i can come inside
See what i see, i want just one more time
Cos i'm free

[Repeat chorus]

I'm free, don't you know i'm free [x2]

I'm free oh oh

De de de de de de de de de de de de [x2]

I am what i am,
What i am could be who you are
Yes you're clean when you smile,
Cos you built the wall around your heart
Do the thoughts in your head keep you up
Cos you're feeling lost
And are you strong enough to be yourself

My papa used to say, you're just a loser and you're never gonna have what it takes
Mama used to say don't like that music you play, ain't gonna get you nowhere
Naaaaah you gotta be yourself
Naaaaah you gotta be yourself

If you cried, would you hide
Would you want all the world to know
And if you believe in love
Would you let it show
Are you in, are you hip, are you cool
Do you try too hard
Or are you strong enough to be yourself

[Repeat chorus x2]

De de de de de de de de de de de de [x2]

If you can't, can't be yourself
What are you living for
If you can't, can't be yourself
You're gonna lose it all
If you can't, can't be yourself
What are you living for

You're gonna find someday, you gotta run away
You gotta run run run run away

[Repeat chorus]

De de de de de de de de de de de de [x2]

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