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J-A-M Jamaica I-C-A Jamaica, J-A-M Jamaica I-C-A Jamaica
Yu na see us walk, me say if yu nu hear we man bumbaclat talk
Jamaica anywe unu de, shot up yu nine ca we a represent, YU KNO

[Chorus 1]
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
two gal inna di club and dem a hug up and a wine
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
I wish two man mi go hear say dem catch dey a crime
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
see a boy who a teef yu weed and yu wan gun him long time
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
di youth dem hungry inna di streetss o a food we hafi find,

[Verse 1]
Sarg, dem a look fa we, theplace a run red now
Has a man dead, dem say yea ya dem both fi med now
Ice up di flag wit di green, gold, and red now
Drop a Jamaica call a freak get a egg now
Lata, me where me at, gal inna mi bed now
Unda mi kiki, me kno she hafi dead now
Cock it up, put a pillow unda she head now
Hear dem gal ya heart beg now

[Chorus 2]
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
di government start step up on crime
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
how dem fi wan come tek whats rightfully mine
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
everybody a go rich but not di same time
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
so mi tell yu if uu see black people you will find, YU KNO

[Verse 2]
Mi go uo di yard to dem who nah bout who dem sisting
And di eldest one dem move become a victim
Lock down di clubs, fight 'gainst de sound system
Seeh how dem make me rise up de black sinting
Drive by, no money inna mail quintin,
big black car wit all de glass dem tinted
Hustle 45 inna de buildin, ninja kick right up de big sintin

[Chorus 3]
Jamaicans lif up yu nine, and rythem mek de gal dem a wine
Jamaicans lif up yu nine, tell de selector fi turn up de base line
Jamaicans lif up yu nine,
watch de gal dem pon de floor a wine dem waste line
Jamaicans lif up yu nine, Jackie she a wine like she nah feel no spine YU KNO

Tek de dance slow girl don't be scared to zip it up, zip it up
Hear wa yu tell dem say big it up, big it up
Here a little facy hol a lik up
Dat mek me get mad, mi wan fi go beat it up, beat it up
Try it and a tell me say fi live it up
Jackie say Elephant get mad and bust it up, bust it up
Bad man a come ye so fi cuse it up, cuse it up
And de rebel hol it and cut it up

[Chorus 1]
[Verse 1-leads out]

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