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Sorry Baby

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Just when you think you've been forgotten
There's a letter at your door
Your face turned red when you thought I would call
And you say, the mailman must have been sick today

It's midnight and the trains are coming by
It's been an hour since you last thought
You could cry and you're still trying to find a way
To fall out of love

If you need it all, I'm sorry baby
If you needed more I'm sorry now
If you need it all, I'm sorry baby
I'm not half of all that you're looking for

Now everybody's talking
Whispers all through the walls
And everybody's saying look how they messed up
Well at least it's not our fault
But in the midst of it all, you're lying there alone
Thinking maybe it's best for the two of us to be on our own

[Chorus x2]

And even now that I'm so far away I can still feel you let go
And it's strange how it's all these little things
That turn me around
I just wish I had more time to say it all
I just wish I had more time to say it all

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