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Bigged Eyes Fish

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Story of a man who decided not to breathe
Turned red purple, blue, colorful indeed
No matter how his friends begged, he would not concede
And now hes Dead, you see, because everybdy knows you've got to breathe

But oh God
Under the weight of life
Things seem
Brighter on the Othersde
(lighter on the otherside)

Another one, see this monkey, sittig in his tree
One day decided to climb down, run off to the city
Look at him now, tired and drunk living in the streets
As good as dead, you see, a monkey should know to stay up his tree

But oh God
Under the weight of life
Things seem
Brighter on the Otherside

But oh God
Under the wight of life
Things seem
Much lighter on the Otherside

Blow Away... (x3)

Another one, a big eyed fish, swimmin in the sea
Oh how he dreamed, he wants to be a bird, swoopin divin through the breeze
One day, caught a big blue wave up on to the beach
And now es dead, you see, a fish's dreams should stay in the see


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