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Violence Of Summer

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Hey pick it up this'll get you out of your head
China's hanging out by the railings on the motor shed
She goes with a real hip biker he's a metal head
She looks me up and down talking dirty as
Sweet saying boy baby I could lick you anytime
Keep it up, hahahaha that's right here we go again
Bit later I'm gonna run into her round the back
While other guys break heads in the sugar shack
Don't give me a drink I don't wanna get too stoned
Then we're gonna see who's gonna take who home

The violence of summer a love's taking over it starts with desire
Ends up under cover

These lips will make me rise you may look down but don't think twice ooo-ooo
Slow death is on the way so what man I still want to play
One two this'll get you out of your mind this'll pick you up let's go
Maybe take a ride going south where her mother writes
Before bad news catches up we still got a little time
We leave it all so far away one thing is sure we shouldn't stay
I'll take it all and China gonna get the runaround a run a runaround

The violence of summer a love's taking over it starts with desire
Ends up undercovers
China-na, China-na-na-na, China-na, China-na-na-na, China-na, China-na-na-na
China-na, China-na-na
The violence of summer a love's taking over it starts with desire
Ends up undercover mmm love's taking over, yes love's taking over
Love's taking over

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