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Told You So

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It took some time to realize
All the bullshit in my eyes
Until I got away from you
And then I guess you thought that you'd be cool
And make me look like I'm the one the fool
Well I don't care 'cause you're the one to blame
I can't believe it all comes down to this
A penny for your thoughts would make me sick
And anything less would be a crime
Told me
Told you
Shut up
Well everything is not OK
Tomorrow's another day
I'll find my perfect way out
And then I guess you thought that you'd be smooth
And make me look like I'm another fool
Well I don't care 'cause I don't believe anything you say or do
Just like me
I cut my losses to save face
I've found my perfect space
To crawl back inside of myself
And then I guess you tried to make me be
Everything you wanted me to be
Well look up from the ground and see who's laughing last
I do what it takes to pull me through
No thanks to anything that you could do
Never trust again

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