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March Of Hope

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Tried a miilion ways to take control of me
There's a million things tht I will never be
I got forty-five just glad to be alive
I got a reason to live I got a reason to die

They don't like it
They don't need it
They don't even want to be like you
They don't want to do the things you do
I don't buy it I don't believe it
I don't ever want to be like you
I don't want to be like you

So everybody, come on everybody, I said everybody
Kill or be killed

I've seen a lot of things make me the enemy
I spit into the face of your authority
You're gonna paythe price so roll the fucking dice
And every second I live could be the last of mine
You're gonna pay the price so roll the fucking dice
I got a reason to live I got a reason to die

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