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Elias (Live In Studio)


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kasiwa i
makasimba ere
ndakasimba kana makasimba ow
you raise your head, you beat the sun
but your boys they lie so close to you
do you dare get up and wake the two
oh elias, I see you there at work in the day time
do you think you could answer all the questions in the world
in just one word- I think you could

'cause if you die will I get word that your gone
or will I hear it in passing conversation
or will I stop short and fall to the ground
distance is short when your hand carries what your eye found

hold my hand just one more time
to see if you're really going to meet me
hold my hand just one more time
to see if you're really going to meet me
honest and manuel, well they're at school now
given the chance that their father's never seen
to see what's beyond section 17
and in ten years when you look back at your boys
well you know they've grown way taller than the tallest
sugar cane in the field


I see your wife she stands stooped over by the fire outside
and I see your boys and when they look up
you know I think they got their mother's eyes
'cause she looks so proud she looks so happy
she looks so proud she looks so happy


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