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Conquer The World

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They used to say we were born to lose that we'd never make it
our whole lives through that we'd be stuck in this dead end town
with the whole world against us we set out on our own to find
our way of life and our way around they tried to say we'd be
nothing they only sais it just to keep us down they we're never
gonna get me down they were never gonna keep us down

'Cause I am everything I said I'd ever be
so f*** you and f*** your town cause I got dreams
I'm gonna conquer the world
just you wait and see
I'm proving you wrong every single day

I remember as if it were yesterday
the good o' days back in nineteen-nighty-three
through thick and think you are my blood brother
we all got drunk and sang our songs
it's what we did for fun
they tried to say we'd be nothin' they only said that just to keep
us down but you can't hold me down they keep runnin' their
mouths sayin' somthin' that I don't want to hear

now we're older and we'll never be the same
we don't live by the rules and that will never change

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