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Back To School (mini Maggit)

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So run...
Right back to school
Look back I sift through all the cliques
Roaming the halls all year making me sick
While everyone's out trying to make the cut
When you think you know me
I switch it up
Behind the walls smokin cigarettes and sippin vodka
Hop a fence and catch a cab
Ain't no one can stop us
Give me a break on some other sh...
While you act like it's everything you've got
Push back the square
Now that you need her
But you don't
So there you go
Cuz back in school we are the leaders of it all
So stop that... quit... all that...
Who ruined it?
You did
Now grab a notebook and a pen
And start taking notes on me and everyone who's on the top
You think we're on the same page
But I know we're not
I'll be the man, watch your backpack, pens, and pencils
and justl ike Keith- I'm flippin it
While you just keep it simple
You just can't go on rockin' the clothes, copying the stance
cuz really it's everything that you're not
So... transpose
Or stop your life
It's what you do
Or stop your lies
So run
(So why don't you run)
(So why don't you run)
(Now why don't you run)
Back to school
(So why don;t you run)
(So why don't you run)
Cuz all you are - now I'm on the next page
All you are - It's time to close the book up
All you are
Now I'm on the next page
All youare
Close the book up now
Push back the square
Now that you need her
But you don't
So there you go
Cuz back in school
We are the leaders of all...

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