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Seagulls (The Macroposopus)

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Let us pretend love
For the day
The life we live
And you stepping away
Suppose a useless soul depraves
But now suppose
The truth's beyond the grave

So all and all
We laugh the same tears
Of how we met upon the river Thames pier
Two hearts of gold just for the while
Two bards who stroll the endless mile

To tame the world again
Let us keep resisting the end
Defame your world, pretend
Let us keep existing

So look up the night
And follow the sky
As I realise the sign
Where the two points collide
We'll be safer on the line
As the heavens decline
Space for the time
Now let the planets align

Come dear, it's safe
We'll pass the plane
So now this sort of lives
The chance to change
Remember when we sailed along the Nile?
Back then you turned your head
Gave me that smile
But through persistence you have tried
And now we've passed the nevers nationwide

Only all because you stayed
Till Pancassandra leads the way
And Summer winds the leaves will change
We'll grow potatoes, pass the days
And if you feel precocious, love belay

Seem the same
Begin to sift
Signal the change
Here lies the gift
I feel the rays
As I start to drift
Drift away

Only all because you stayed
When all the notes we passed you saved
No chance, supposed and rearranged
And through the night time I'll be staying
But now it's gone forever, turn the page

To tame the world again
Let us keep resisting the end
Defame the world, pretend
Let us keep existing

To tame the world again
Let us keep resisting the end
To shame the world, pretend
Let us keep existing

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