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Ride The Rodeo


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Hoochie, Coochie Everything
It's all hidey-ho
shake the party
drink forties
the rodeo. [2X]

Cold Hard, Never, Wild, Kilo,
finna bring it on.
Gitty up when I look around
everybody's zoned.
Bustin' out with the Tonka Toi
bout to make some noise
got the crowd the brothas proud
of the Flict boyz.

Rollin' down the avenue
real slow,
lookin' for a freaky deek
that's good to go.
Who we gone pick lord
we don't know.
Whoever we pick got to be slick
and throw down with that rodeo.

I can't take this anymore
you keep on knocking at my door.
Why you wanna waste my time
in and out of my life.
Tonight's the night we ride the rodeo.


Gitty up now
drop down to the flow
Rodeo can you ride it
some might brag a bit
then don't know how to ride a lick.
What's happenin'
make a move and get down wit it.
Toi with the clique from Conflict
ride it.

Sitting here in my bedroom
thinking of all the things you can do
when you touch me in all the right places
my toes curl up
I just can't take it.
You told me that you cared
and you wanna stay away
but why can't you stay
for awhile and play.
Tonight's the night that we ride the rodeo.


Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up now.
Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up now.
Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up.
Gitty up now.
Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up now.
Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up now.
Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up.
Gitty up now.

Tonight is the night that we ride the rodeo.

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