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Hidden Agenda


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Come on baby, doo doo doo doo doo
Ooh, yeah, come on

Now baby he keeps on saying that
He tells you youíre the only one
But everybody knows heís out there having fun
Behind your back and thatís a fact and it ainít right
ĎCos heís a fly guy acting alike a gentleman
But back in the day I can still remember when
Heíd just turn around, wouldnít look twice at you
And Iím just being straight with you
ĎCos he takes you for a fool
So you should be on your guard
When he thinks you donít have a clue
And I think if the truth be known
That youíll end up all alone when
He gets everything he wants
So girl open up your eyes and see with me

What you see is what you get
Ainít no hidden agenda
So girlfriend when heís playing around youíd do well to remember

Now lady when he tells you
That he loves you and wonít give you up
Take your car and itís your money that be filling it up
Look at what heís got, think heís hit the jackpot and it ainít right
ĎCos your connections keep him sweet and thatís so typical
Heís only in it for himself and thatís so cynical
Heíd be out of sight girl if you lost it all
So I feel so bad inside when heís cruising in your ride
ĎCos I know baby late at night
Thereís some other girl but his side
And I wanna let you know that he really ought to go
And you should belive in me
ĎCos I care baby canít you see with me

[Chorus (x2)]

Now baby girl when he does you wrong
Iíll make sure youíre alright, yeah
I just wanna be your friend
ĎCos thereís no reason to pretend
And thatís the difference with me oh girl

[Chorus (x4)]

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