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99 Days


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She said,
"I wanna be the rain, I am a red balloon, I got a book of dates."
She's gonna go away and leave me here tonight
Some worlds last longer then others
She's got a red balloon, she's gonna be the sky,
I'm gonna paint my face tonight
Hey 99 days out of San Francisco
Headed for Berlin
Hey 99 days left of California
Headed with the wind
If I sail across the water, I'll be floating blind, here beside the wild
Monkey came alive, she's leaving me behind
It's so hard to find
She said,
"I wanna be a plane, I am a red balloon, I'll never be the same
And I'm gone, gone, gone on the wind."
She said,
"You'll never get away, you need a red balloon, you need a better day.
This time, your headed home this time."
Some trips last longer then others, she just said, "Good-bye."
She just float away, I'm gonna die right here this time
Some girls last longer then others,
too few red balloons, too little time tonight
Hey 99 days out San Francisco
Headed for Berlin
Hey 99 days left of California
Setting with the wind, home

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