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Zora Sourit


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Une rue les gens passent, les gens comme on les voit
Juste un flux, une masse, sans visage, sans voix
Quel etrange aujourd'hui, quelquechose, mais quoi?
Desobeit, desobeit

A street people passing by, people like we see them
Just a flow, a group, without a face, without a voice
How a strange today, something, but what?
Disobey, disobey
Une rue comme d'autres et le temps se suspend
une tache, une faute et soudain tu comprends
Impudence inouie, insolite, indecent
Zora sourit, Zora sourit, Zora sourit

A street like others and the time is suspended
A stain, an error and suddenly you understand
Incredible carlessness, strange, indecent
Zora smiles, Zora smiles, Zora smiles
Zora sourit, aux trottoirs, aux voitures, aux passants
Au vacarme, aux murs, au mauvais temps
A son visage nu sous le vent
A ses jambes qui dansent en marchant
A tout ce qui nous semble evident
Elle avance et benit chaque instant
Zora sourit, Zora sourit, Zora sourit

Zora smiles, at the sidewalks, at the cars, at the people passing by
To racket, to walls, to bad weather
To her bare face under the wind
To her legs which dance while walking
To everything we take for granted
She goes on and blesses every moment
Des phrases sur les murs, des regards de travers
Parfois quelques injures, elle en a rien a faire
Elle distribue ses sourires, elle en recoit autant
Zora sourit, effrontement
Zora sourit, insolemment

Sentences on the walls, crooked looks
Sometimes a few insults, she doesn't care
She gives smiles away, she receives just as much
Zora smiles, in a cheeky way
Zora smiles, in an insolent way
Zora sourit pour elle, elle sourit d'etre la
Mais elle sourit pour celles, celles qui sont la-bas
Pour ces femmes, ses soeurs qui ne savent plus sourire
Alors, des larmes plein le coeur, des larmes plein la vie
Zora sourit, Zora sourit, Zora sourit

Zora smiles for herself, she smiles to be there
But she smiles for those, those who are there
For those women, her sisters who no longer know how to smile
Then, heart filled with tears, life filled with tears
Zora smiles, Zora smiles, Zora smiles

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