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Not Your Friend

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Your girlfriend wants to get with me
I can tell how she looks at me
And how she licks her tongue at me
Then ask for a ride home with me
She likes what i do to you
Tell you all the things that you never knew
Like the sky her Ferrari's blue
Spending time in Honolulu


I told you once before about that girl
She's so mysterious
So watch that girl
And keep that girl away from me
Cause she's jocking me
You're girl
Wanting me
I see her
Watching me
She's licking
Her lips at me
She's not your friend the girl
So shady
I see her
Watching me
She's licking
Her lips at me
She's not your friend your girl

Your friend wants to get wit me
She's hawking me down like you
wouldn't believe
Leaving her panties at
my doorstep too
Writing me letters dissin you
She's a freak like I told you so
Said she wanna go toe to toe
With me and your other girl Coko
Just st back baby watch her go


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