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You wanna come play my sex games baby
You still want me to taste you donít you
Baby, baby yes I will

[Verse 1]
You and I alone up in my Benzie
Body got me going in a frenzy
Letís be on our way to my hide away
So many things I like to do
Canít hide the fact our hearts are racing
Yeah, I can smell anticipation
This is all for you please enjoy the view
Iíll show you things you never knew

I will be driving and you will be riding
Riding all night long to a slow song
To a slow song

[Verse 2]
Turn the music up that joint is soothiní
Canít ignore how your bodyís moviní
To kickiní snare girl weíre almost there
I canít believe my tinted eyes
Look at me you got my body swerviní
An evening on me girl youíre deserviní to be pleased
I think you know what I mean


Girl can we please go
Up and down and side to side
I will provide all that you need
We can speed or take it slow
Head to toe
You will be pleased

[Repeat Chorus]

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