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Wrong Ones


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[Phone Conversation]
[Cam:] Hello
[Girl:] Yo Kam
[Cam:] Yo mom whatsup whats goin on
[Girl:] Yo I cant meet you later yo
[Cam:] What Happened?
[Girl:] Yo he stalkin me
[Cam:] He in yo face like dat
[Girl:] Like dat yo hold on
Yo Im talkin to June Allright
[Cam:] Damn he in yo face like dat
[Girl:] Just like dat
Yo Ill beep you later I can call you later
[Cam:] Alright Alright

Ay Yo you got ta undastand
Im like a food to tha world
Cuz Im friends wit ya man
Plus your cool wit my girl
Now I dont really understand how dat cat he be stressin u
I dont understand that you grown but yet he question u
Guessin that u love him but you in it for tha pay
But he know where u at every minute of tha day
But since we learned to creep
Is like we yearn for sleep
And my girls in my face when i dont return tha beep
Its like a sin or a crime
U in tha benz all tha time
But ya man know u aint wit ya friends all tha time
Ill be selfish
Sayin chancin tha long
Dats why I hang up when he answer tha phone
And Ill be callin from tha house in tha paul lobby
Plus I know him he too cheap for caller ID
And my girl in my face jus stressin me child
But Ill dial anotha number if she press redial

Ay yo me and u creep right now its all fun
But you ever really think about tha long run
When tha nights over and its all done
Were tha wrong ones were tha wrong ones
Ay yo me and u creep right now its all fun
But you ever really think about tha long run
When tha nights over and its all done
Were tha wrong ones were tha wrong ones

I feel bad but good uh huh
When Im sexin u
But undastand its more than jus tha sex with u
Its ya otha side u show me your intellectual
The way you handle tha things
Minds a professional
But a real freak behind close doors
And you have me open tha way u throw yours
What tha hell you think why I bout those drawz
And when u go down how u move those jawz
Oh Lord
For u Ill be out on a search
Damn u look good in ya blouse and ya skirts
But we got to be careful when we out doin dirt
This aint about us its about who we hurt
But 'mom? i love ya technique
Tha way u make tha bed squeak
Ya man cant get it up
Maybe girl he deat meat
So lets creep
In a lex jeep
At a secret location do it again next week


Now that I sit here I lay distraught
Tha feelings get involved when u play tha sport
Cause when Im wit my girl u even stay in thought
And that dates back to my days in court
Sayin u admired tha way I faught
U aint even listen when my airplay was short
Me for u girl yo I feel we deserve it
But u ever really think about is it worth it
When tha nights over and tha cris' is gone
You got kids and a man playin mr. mom
Your man and my wife will be gone in tha smoke
Cuz tha last time we did it tha condom broke

[phone convo]
[Girl:] Cam Im pregnant
[Cam:] So Whatchu tellin me for
[Girl:] Oh u can Lay down and make a baby
But u cant take care of one
[Cam:] Get outta here wit dat Righteous

[Chorus till fade]

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