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Where Are You Now?

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calling out ur name
ur face is everywhere
i'm reaching out 2 u
2 findthat ur not there
i wake up every night
to see the state i'm in
it's like an endless fight
i never seem to win
i can't go on as long as i believe
can't let go when i keep wondering
where r u now
what have u found
where is ur heart
when i'm not around
where r u now
u gotta let me know
oh baby,so i can let u go
i can hear ur voice
the ring of yesterday
it seem so close 2 me but yet so far away
i should let it out to save what's left of me
and close the doors of doubts
revive my dignity
but,i can't go on
as long as i believe
can't let go while i keep wondering


i should let it out,it's time 2 let u go
oh baby,i juz wanna know

chorus x2

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