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To think I'm so naive, how dare you play with me
I gave you heart 'n soul, yeah, tell me baby please
Why you screwin' with my head, I don't think you understand
I won't take your ***** no more, don't knock on my door
Not this time because I recognize
I've heard it all before, and I


I think of all the time that I wasted
Think of all the times that I took you back
Ain't no way I'll be lonely
I don't wanna let you back in
Let's just face it
Better off alone and I won't turn back
You thought that I would be lonely
I don't wanna let you back in

Don't tell me how to feel or say that you're for real
My mind's made up I'm cool without ya, you got no more appeal
Now this girl don't need no man to say what she can do or she can't
Now I live for me and, boy, does that make you weak?
Not this time because I realize
I've heard it all before, and I...

CHORUS - repeat

Think of times you made me cry
You had me so confused
I'm tired of trying, leave behind this
What's a girl to do
Think of all the times you made me sick
I used to think I couldn't handle it
What you think, I'm just another chick
Mess with Brit, boy you must have tripped
What were you thinking when you lost my trust?
You had it all and now you're left with nothing
Ooh, baby now I know you want my touch
And now you're lonely and you still want me

CHORUS - repeat

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