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It's Not Worth It

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Don't tell me you want out of this
Don't say it's time for us to quit
Donít say goodbye, this can't be it
Baby please, 'cause it's not worth it
You came into my life
And it's so funny
How you made everything right
And now you're saying to me
Something ain't right
What did I do?
Did I hurt you?
Baby can you tell me
How to dry your eyes
But let me say
I never meant to make you cry
If anything I meant to
Be right by your side
How did I go wrong?
When my love was strong
And all I ever wanted was you
If I can ease the pain
Whatever it takes to
That is what I'll do
Why do you feel this way
Baby you don't have to
'Cause I am here for you
[CHORUS (two times)]
Don't tell me you want out of this
Don't say it's time for us to quit
Don't say goodbye, this can't be it
'Cause it's not worth it
You mean the world to me
And all I do is try to give you all of me
I never do anything that wouldn't be pleasing to you
I never knew that you were hurting
And I'll take the blame for anything that I've done
That has caused you pain
I never meant to hurt you in any way
So this day, I wanna say
Baby please forgive me
Don't wanna see you this way
What must I do to make it all brand new
Let me take the pain away
Anything for you, 'cause baby I love you
[CHORUS out]

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