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A Different Beat


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[African voices]
Let's not forget this place
Let's not neglect the our race
Let unity become
Life on earth be one
So let me take your hand
We are but grains of sand
Born throught the winds of time
Given a special sign

So let's take a stand
and look around us now, people
So let's take a stand
and look around us now, people...

Eeyeah--oh, eayeh--oh, eayeh (and the world is turning)--oh, by--yah
To a different beat
Eayeh--oh, eayeh--oh, eayeh (and the world is turning)--oh, by yah
(to a different beat)

Humanity's lost face
Let's understand its grace
Each day one at a time
Each life including mine

So let's take a stand
and look around us now, people oh, people oh people!


I've seen the rain, fall in Africa
I've touched to snow of Alaska
(Oh tell me now...)
I've felt the mists of Niagara
Now I believe...
In you..

[repeat CHORUS twice]

How far we've come
and how far to go
rain does not fall
on one roof alone..(to a different beat)..

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