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All Because Of You

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It's all because of you
Yeah you
It's all because of you
Nobody else makes me feel like you do
I have the time of my life
And it's all because of you

If I was able to thank you
For coming into my life
If I was able to tell the whole world how I feel
My love is for real

If I was able to write a song
I would have filled it with love
If I was able to open my heart you would see
I'm so happy


If I was able to live my life (over again)
I'd share the minutes with you
If I was able to count the times you bring out the sun
When I'm feeling down

If I was able to explain
How you have opened my eyes
I sure have tried about thousand times
I just feel so alive

[CHORUS x 2]

I found the meaning
I cherish my life
Now I see everything in colors so bright
And when it's raining
I still feel the sun
So take a good look
I'm walking clouds

[CHORUS x 2]

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