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Brothers And Sisters

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Brothers and sisters
Rebuild your lives
We're all drug takers
Give us something tonight

A cartoon in a ketamine
Jelly mixed with margarine
White doves from the war machine
Every body movin
Cocaine is for murderers
Codeine for the jurors
Caffeine been through all of us
All the people horny
Crackwhores back in town again
Eggships sniffing benelyn
Burning all the oil again
Smoking makes you holy
Textin abbreviates the brain
Aspirin takes away the pain
Rock on, everyone the same
That's the way it is

Brothers and sisters
Rebuild your lives
We're all drug takers
Give us something tonight

Rohypnol like a chloroform
Sugar from the day you are born
Washed out like a dinosaur
Really don't believe it.
Sticky sniffing superglue
sulphates keep you in a zoo
Monkeys turning into you
Everybody horney
Acid good up on the moors
Gimpo stops you getting bored
Beta's busy making laws
Procaine stops you screaming
Librium for anxiety
Drinking it our society
That's the way it is
that's the way it is even when we're pissed

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