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Hey, you've got an unnerving face
And twitching eyes like Norman Bates
You got a cigarette, eye on a mirror
Farm boy brown gas station sweeper
You took that girl, you put the saddle on her
Just thirteen, she's her daddy's apple
And she don't know you're the kidnapper, uh-huh
Hey, your Daddy's Whiskey Sam
He's got bloodshot eyes like Ray Milland
Playing solitaire, your Mother fidgets
You wanna be rich but you won't dig ditches
She bitches like a brat, she got the money
People breaking their necks and she thinks it's funny
Where's your old man now? Nobody's home, uh-huh


Hey, they call you Skinny Jim
And nobody knows the boat you're in
They dipped your tail when you were back in school
Well, you're a real strange cake but your nobody's fool
So you took that girl and you put the saddle on her
Just thirteen, she's fresh out of diapers
And she don't know you're the kidnapper, uh-huh
She don't know you're the kidnapper, uh-huh
I said "She don't know you're the kidnapper," uh-huh

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