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She Shut Your Eyes

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She shut your eyes
Now you could say better luck next time
But I know you're about to die
How deep can you drill into a man's soul
Still say better luck next time
When the only thing to fill it with is a lie

So say what you want
But drops of crystal clear water
Has been falling into your heart

Now you're sick of lying
Tonight a star is shining
On a heart that's dying
The morning star is shining again
So you better wake up
You better rise up
The morning star is shining again

How long has it been since you gave in
Did it just take all this time
For you to see you're not the Messiah
She shut your eyes
Or did you do it yourself with time
Did you on purpose walk astray
Did you choose to be a liar

A star called your name
Will you use your voice to answer
Just one last time

Now you're sick of lying down again...

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