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Keep On

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Blazin Squad-This Ones 4 All The Ppl's Ambitions
Keep Focused
Keep Ur Mind Straight
Your Time Will Cum
Keep Doin Wot Ur Doin Y'all
Dont Ever Stop

Keep On Doin Wot Your Doin
If U Want It You Can Get It And Make It To The Top
Keep Doin What Your Doin Dont Ever Stop
If You Want It You Can Get It And Make It 2 The Top
We All Come From Nothin Thats Y I'm Frontin
We're Happy Most Of You Rappers Aint Able Its Like Ur Still In Ur Nappies
Never Give Up I Kept My Mind On The Game
Unlike Thugs That Kept The Nine On Their Brain
Get Wot I'm Saying I Avoided The Heat Its Kinda Hard
There Was Trouble Never Struggled 2 Eat Practise Makes Perfect So I Hustled The Beat Had An Understanding Understood Perfectly
Changed Direction 2 Help Myself Get Where I'm Goin
Flowin Past The Scene I Was In Without Even Knowing
Hoping 10 Of Us Could Bust On The Other Side 4 Real I'm Here For The Music
But Still Wanna Make A Mil This Aint Fame Academy These Are Real Skills
Each And Every1 Of Them I Earned Since The Deal Still We Pave The Way 4 The Youth Of 2day So Lets Blaze
All The Drama Away
Keep On Doin Wot Ur Doin, If U Want It U Can Get It And Make It 2 The Top
Keep Doin Wot Ur Doin Dont Ever Stop
If U Want It U Can Gt It And Mke It 2 The Top
Krazy Thats Me Keep On Doin' Wot Ur Doin' Dont Give Up For Anything If You Want It You Can Ave It
Keep Your Mind Straight Just Reach Out And Grab It
Dont Be Stupid And Let Urself
You Can Never Been Stoppin'
And Look At Urself Keep Ur Hands In Your Pockets
My Flows Lifin' Up Like A Rocket
Enough 2 B Droppin' Everytime
You Know This Is Your Time Just Had Your Head Up High And No One Can Deny You Know You Get Energy
Well You Got To Believe To Fulfil Your Dreams
U Know You Gotta Keep On
Its Your Time,Keep Your Head High With Your Dreams
Thats Our Message Keep Focused
Yo Hold Up!
Keep Ya Mind Striaght Never Hold Up
Do Ya Own Thing
Write Ya Rhymes Keep Ya Chin Up Listen
The Top Is Distant But The Start Is Building
Keep It Growin Then Extend Showing This Kid Is Blowin' Huh!
Flows Never Stop, Pros Never Drop,This Cris Its Gonna Pop
Thats If The Effort Never Stops And If Ya Brains Locked To Succeed
A New Breed To The Industry
Keep The Faith In It Cos Thats The Way Its Meant 2 Be
Keep On Doin Wot Ur Doin,If U Want It U Can Get It And Make It 2 The Top
Keep Doin Wot Ur Doin Dont Ever Stop
If U Want It U Can Gt It And Mke It 2 The Top

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