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We're Blazin' and dirty's the word , i'm
the man with the verses and aint you heard,
only get upon the rythm when time has occured,
i'm chattin' dirty cos that is the word and when i roll
in my club (that is dirty!), dirty this , dirty that can u hear me?
I'm gonna rock the nation (that is dirty!)
Blazin' Squad rockin' the party.

Now i'm here i'm gonna bring the dough,
cos the more you got the more people wanna know
but they only wanna know if you've got it,
and if you aint they think oh well long it,
cos money to me (that is dirty!) can u remember the days
when we done this for free? cos now my pay checks no less to
the G , now i'm flashin' the cash like i grow it on trees.

Blazin's back ,yo step on this track
it's so dark it's black TNT explosive squad are back
and we're goin' on dirty.
Dirty's here have no fear , dirty manz , my garage career
hot off the press straight to your ear , i'm a lyrical buzz destroyer.

When they call me R to the O CKY
and for dirty though, they cars , girls , dirty condos
their flow , hard , hey presto's, for the girls that all wanna c us
and the boys that all wanna b us , come to the shows and c us -
yo mention that ,cut the track - Kenzie tell 'em what dirty's about.

When i roll dirty man wanna chat
my name their insane, or they Blaze me , wanna
copy me and chat my flow (oh no!) there you go
into a black hole, and cos u know i look the part man and u
c me goin on just as dark, cos kenzie cos i know our flow is deep,and they can't test my sound is unique.

Blazin' Squad with the tunes and ths beats from the street
so lets meet for this beef , so boy , u know my crew is dirty ,we're in the charts number
O.N.E , that's dirty , so why u wanna hate , cos let's face it the rest are gonna
rape me - bake me put me on t.v , sell it to the daily's and make anothey figi.

[chorus x 1]

Dirty to me that's easy , girls in bikini's , chicks wanna c me roll
in the TT and that's it ,
boys wanna b me , write hits. Radio , media and the t.v on a lockdown
and they all want freebies, give 'em that promotional CD, keep 'em cool and a force wanna be me.

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