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Drip, drip, drip, drop, drop, drop, drop, drip, drip
Drip, drip, drip, drop, drop, drop, drop, drip, drip
(I, I wanna hear the whole song now anyway)

Your love runs through me like the rain
Oh, and I like it
And you show me that you care
Oh, Leny

Leny, love everlasting
I never wanna be without you
Leny, love everlasting
I never wanna be without

Yo, yo, check this out
Who said a brother can't buy you whips
And can, mother, give me all of it
Buyin' jewelry, I'm pawnin' it
Look at where I'm storin' at
Matter of fact, I just saw ya ex at the club
Givin' women much love, who be givin' 'em Lugz
Sippin' Cris' in the cup
Is that the one you said you could die for
The one you said you would lie for
Leny give it up, what what what what

I've been reminiscin'
'Bout your ways
Things that are just so mean
Got me thinkin' about you
Again and again

The way you make me feel
I knew that it could only be love
I miss you
And I hope that I
Could be the only one you will always dream of


Huh huh, yea yea, what what
Everybody knows I'm the capital
Diva girl, nonchalant
I think not, protocol
Then I'm back shootin' craps with those other dogs
Pinnocle face, I erase
All of them fools on a paper chase
A dime piece and I'mma keep shinin' like ice sheets
Remember me by my what what what

[Chorus X4]


Huh huh what what
I said Leny love
Stop the tape
Heh heh

Drip, drip, drip, drop, drop, drop, drop, drip, drip

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