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falling off of my own skateboard
praying to my almighty lord
look up and what do i see?
your face smiling down at me!
you look my body up and down
as i lay there upon the ground
i know, my love, i could not look much better:

succulent. you make me feel succulent.
yeah, ya do.

(if you're nice to me, i'll double you on my bmx)

i wonder if you think of me
if you are real or just a dream?
(now i'm drooling)
you make me such a juicy girl
i want to be your entire world,
my pigtails, they stand straight on end
baby, there's no need to pretend
won't you kiss my pink teddy bear?
i'll try not to cry when you spank me in the chair
i know, my love, you could not find much better:

succulent. you make me feel succulent.
yeah, ya do.

in my dreams you were driving the getaway car,
for you to love me every night i wish upon a star.
hard and shiny like a baby cockroach shell
to pay her off my medication i had to sell
like a little ripe tomato:
in your hands i'm mush, like playdoh
i wish i was a snow cone
lick me, lick me. have i set the tone?
i feel like i'm back in grade seven
learned how to kiss i am in heaven
let me show you how to kiss me better:
(a little lower, thanx!)

succulent. you make me feel succulent.
yeah, ya do!

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