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Baby, can I talk to you?
I know something's wrong
Things just ain't the same
But deep down inside
I know you still care
So tell me what to do
To get things back
The way they used to be

If you were to need me
If you really cared about me
Tell me why can't I find love in your heart
If you were my lover
A constant friend to me
Tell me why
Would you turn away from my love

So darlin'
Tell me what to do to make things right
Tell me what to do to make things right
Tell me what to do to make things right for love
Tell me what to do to make things right for love (for love)

If you want a reason
When they won't turn away from me
They're trying hard to hide all truth they might say
If you listen to me girl
If you know how I'm feeling inside
Then maybe you would'nt shut me out your life, baby


Can't you see?
All I'm asking for
Is a chance to let me love you
Can't you see?
Girl, you know with me
Is where you should be
And if by chance we should find
That it can be for you and I
Then girl I'll try
I'll try
Oh baby


Girl, you should know how I feel by now
There's so many ways to love
So just open your heart
And I'll find the way



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