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Rock Bottom

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I was sitting here thinkin' 'bout my situation
Though I know you got reservations
I was thinkin' we could have it out
'Cause if we had it out
I knew that we could work things out
I know the girlies gotta watch their reputations
They like to know they got a man with dedication
To make a point they gotta put 'em out, but truly
Baby girl don't have to go out that route

So don't think I don't love you baby
So don't think I ain't been goin' crazy
Don't think for one minute
You ain't been on my mind
Don't think that I'm gone for good
Lord knows that I've been misunderstood
Won't give you up and baby I'll tell you why

I ain't never been down
I ain't never been out
And I ain't never hit rock bottom
Till the day you put me out
And I know I've done some wrong
But I ain't never hit rock bottom
So baby don't count me out

I was thinkin' in the mornin' it'd be over when I wake up
But then reality had hit me and I jumped up
I had to get myself a dial tone
I started callin' everybody tryin' to get back home
But everybody that I called was being difficult
I took it personal and took it as an insult
For all the time we had been goin' out
Girl I don't understand why you would have to go that route

Well I know that I love you baby
And I know that I'm goin' crazy
Don't think for one minute
You ain't been on my mind
Don't think I'm gone for good
Gods knows that I've been misunderstood
I won't give you up and baby I'll tell you why


It's been much too long
Since you've been gone away from me
And I need you home
Oh come back to me baby
'Cause I'm all alone
I'm all alone down on my bending knees
Oh baby, baby
Can I come back home please


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