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Spaz's House Destruction Party [Live]

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i want to tell you a little story 'bout a party that went all right, but went all wrong
i want to tell you a little story 'bout a party in this song...

it happened back in '93, in the pittsburgh punk rock scene
an event that will go down, in infamy
it was all the master plan, of one legendary punk rock kid
his name was "spaz", s-p-a-z...

an eviction notice sent to his house sparked off an idea,
"i should have one last party at my place..."
so off he set with his master plan, the invitations in his hand read,
and this was just the second night, or a three-day long party

spaz's house destruction party, it was chaos with no end
if you were crazy enough to make the house destruction party
then you know you're lucky that you lived

we played there st. patrick's day, with submachine and the bad genes
in a basement full of debris
from kicked in doors, broken glass, kicked in walls the place was trashed
the house was now missing its support beams

the bathrooms had no toilets or sinks left in them
there was nothing in the kitchen left to break
aus rotten spray painted on walls, drunk punks passed out in the halls
and this was just the second night, or a three-day long party


the cops showed up and all the kids went piling out the back
i remember running away and hiding out in the lot behind the squirrel hill mellon bank
the cop said, "i want to speak to someone who lives here!" and this punk kid said she did
he asked, "is this the condition this house has always been in?" she answered,
"ah... fucking right pig"


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